What We Are

Twisted Pop is a consortium of allied brands and creative professionals whose purpose is to facilitate and support the creation and proliferation of artistic projects. It’s members are:

Brands Contributing Artists

  • Studio Iguanamonk – Film/Media
  • Big Myth – Visual Art/Merchandising
  • NQuit Music – Music/Audio


What We Do

Primarily we collaborate. Twisted Pop members participate, support, feed back on, and promote each other’s projects, and find ways to find cross purposes, resulting in collaborative projects ranging from film to events to music to art installations and beyond.

For example, Studio Iguanamonk, a film/media company might do a music video for NQuit Music, a music company. Big Myth might provide merchandise for a concert, or NQuit might consult on audio for a joint Big Myth/Studio Iguanamonk art event.

The Twisted Podcast

The Twisted Podcast is Twisted Pop’s first completely joint venture. Every week, we interview a working artist living in the real world, giving insight on what it’s like to be a creative dealing with the every day challenges and triumphs of making art and navigating life.

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