TPP 15 – Losing Control

In this I Hate Art episode, we talk about – Oh I can’t be sure. We talk about Mother. About how artists can misinterpret their own art. About how you can lose control of a project. Especially when other people are involved. It’s just us shooting the shit really… Maybe this episode will make more sense later. We kind of lost control of this one.

TPP 14 – Mark Thogersen

This week we interviewed Mark Thogersen. Maybe that’s a pretty strong description of what happened. The word interview suggests that we asked him questions or at least directed the conversation. I don’t think we actually asked Mark any more than three or four questions. We just sat down and started rolling and he told us about his journey. Continue reading “TPP 14 – Mark Thogersen”

TPP 13 – What Is Art

TPP 13 is an I Hate Art segment where we talk about what makes something art. I wish the topic were as focused as that. Or maybe I don’t. It’s kind of mayhem in here. I like the passion. I like the age disparity. Our guests Iggy Lines and Ashley O’Shenanigans join us to hash out this age old topic. I believe we could do this question over and over with different guests and have a different conversation every time. I hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to record. Continue reading “TPP 13 – What Is Art”

TPP 11 – Why I Hate Art

I like to talk about art and its meaning in life. Is it consequential? I even like to argue about what is good and why. It’s just fun and it touches something in me. I could say that I find ways to create because I like talking about stuff like this.

I have also found over the years that there are many people that dislike conversations like this. Artists and  non-artists alike. Lending meaning where it may or may not exist or trying to articulate abstract ideas to other people with words can be absurd to some. I agree. It is absurd, but I still like to talk about it. 
Continue reading “TPP 11 – Why I Hate Art”

TPP 10 – Rebecca Oxley

This week we (Larry Lines, Troy Winscott, Ashley O’Shenanigans) have a conversation with the poet, Rebecca Oxley. We’ve known Rebecca an awfully long time. We talk about how she got into poetry, her time in the Air Force, the Houston poetry scene, early slam poetry, University of Houston and the transition into a more complete poet.  Continue reading “TPP 10 – Rebecca Oxley”

TPP 9 – Harvey

This I Hate Segment of the Twisted Pop Podcast is dominated by Hurricane Harvey. We really can’t think of anything else with a disaster like Harvey coming down on our hometown. It’s amazing. The most amazing storm we’ve ever seen. The spirit of Houston has emerged to clean up the mess. It really is beautiful how quickly everyone has stepped up to help each other out. Even before the storm was over. Continue reading “TPP 9 – Harvey”

TPP 8 – J Michael Stovall – Stovepipe

In episode 8, we interviewed J Michael Stovall. Mike has worked everywhere and done a lot of things. It’s kind of hard to describe the meandering path of his career but it’s a good story. Definitely worth listening to. We had a really good time talking to him.

I’m not going to try to summarize all of the work that he has done. You’ll just have to listen to the podcast or watch it on vimeo or youtube. Continue reading “TPP 8 – J Michael Stovall – Stovepipe”

TPP 7 – Yellowism Movements Reefer Gulliver

We are splitting the format of the podcast. When we first started the podcast, an hour seemed like an incredibly long time. So we created two segments that we planned on being in each episode. A short introduction, a segment where we discussed random news and issues called I Hate Art, and an interview segment where we talked with a guest. It turns out that we have a lot to say and the guests had a lot to say. The podcasts are too long. So we are splitting the segments. We enjoyed the I Hate Art segments too much to just cut them, and the whole purpose of the show was to interview people.

So this is the first I Hate Art episode. We discuss the Yellowism movement. Then we get into what a new movement would look like today. Then we talk about some public domain movies that we have been watching. Larry watched Reefer Madness and Troy watched Gulliver’s Travels.

Usually I do a lot more linking and searching for supporting information. I still plan on doing that in the future, but I also have an additional preparation feature to get used to. We have video for this episode for the first time. So I had to get an editing workflow down. It is done. That is all.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for listening. And now thank you for watching.



Twisted Pop Podcast Episode 6 – Collections – Kevin Troy

This week we talk about collections. What collections do we aspire to have or would we have if we had the time and resources to devote to collecting. Vinyl, tube amps, occult art.

Then we talk to Kevin Troy – owner of record store Rockpile Records, which was open in Houston’s Montrose from 1986 to 1991. Kevin builds detailed scale models, works with medical lasers, and tells stories. Lots of stories. We talked to him about opening and closing his record store, packing 12 people in a car to see a punk show, and growing up in Houston. Kevin’s got a story for everything. 

Here are some examples of Kevin’s scale models: